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FusionWare Integration Server

FusionWare Integration Corporation
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The FusionWare Integration Server is an application integration environment, designed to make it easy and affordable for organizations to integrate their disparate data and systems and collaborate more effectively with business and trading partners, suppliers and customers. Now enabled on PureSystems for rapid deployment.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The FusionWare Integration Server is a Web Services development/ deployment product that is so easy to use, it enables your own IT staff to build and deploy Web Services-based applications without extensive training in new technologies. With its intuitive forms-based GUI interface, built-in code generators, wizards, query builders and powerful adapters to integrate all your legacy systems & data, the FusionWare Integration Server simplifies and accelerates the development and deployment of service-oriented applications.

    The FusionWare Integration Server includes:

    FusionWare Server:

    • A multi-threaded Java server that runs on any platform/operating system including Linux and the IBM's iSeries™/AS400®. It uses W3C Standards to implement a full Web Services-based business solutions framework.

    FusionWare Designer: An XML based integrated development environment for business programmers to easily:

    • Design application workflows
    • Connect/build Xpath & SQL queries into diverse database sources (ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, IBM DB2®, Excel, MultiValue etc.) and convert the data into XML
    • Create or select pre-built components & XSLT transformations

    FusionWare Administrator: Monitors operation of the FusionWare Server & controls the deployment of applications

    Available on any environment that has a Java 1.4 or higher run time available.

    Business Case

    The FusionWare Integration Server allows enterprises rich in legacy systems to leverage their existing systems to build new business applications in days, as opposed to weeks or months. It easily helps solve internal integration problems using open standards and allows organizations to collaborate more effectively with partners and suppliers via secure Web Services.

    Business Problem

    • Simplifies Web Services development and deployment
    • Streamlines the management of business transactions and connectivity using industry standards
    • Speeds up the integration of new and existing business systems with those of their partners to enhance collaboration
    • Supports a Service Oriented Architecture that enables rapid development of innovative service-oriented applications

  • -Technical Details

    The FusionWare Integration Server enables business analysts/programmers to quickly develop service-oriented applications without extensive investments in new technologies or training.

    It provides a powerful forms-based, point & click environment for easily designing actions in a workflow, such as:

    • XML manipulations, programming logic, data access, messaging/communications, event management and exception handling.

      The FusionWare Server is a multi-threaded Java server designed for maximum portability. It interfaces with ODBC/JDBC/OLE DB/MultiValue databases/Java/C++/COM using XML grammar to richly transform these sources into W3C standards-based structures.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Mark Schramm


    Phone: 1-604-777-4254 x152

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