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MIMIX Availability protects your business from downtime and data loss. Data, applications and critical system information are replicated in real time to a waiting recovery server that can take over operations at the push of a button. Flexible, scalable, and easy to use, MIMIX Availability keeps your business running.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    MIMIX Availability delivers robust High Availability and Disaster Recovery protection for IBM i that keeps your business running, no matter what. Real-time replication to a secondary server that is continuously audited for synchronization gives you confidences that your business operations can switch to a waiting standby server at a moment’s notice. MIMIX Availability’s flexible architecture supports replication between different operating system versions and storage types in both ground and Cloud-based configurations and scales for use by small businesses to complex, global enterprises. MIMIX’s browser-based interface with built-in notifications provides superior ease of configuration, management and monitoring, with advanced automation to make common procedures, such as switching, as simple as the push of a button. With twenty years of market leadership, world-class support and an expert professional services team, you can trust Vision Solutions and MIMIX Availability to protect your business from the costs and consequences of downtime and data loss.

    Business Case

    The ability to ensure business continuity, prepare for disaster recovery and achieve high availability for critical applications and data is a requirement for success in today’s business environment. Organizations are not only faced with the costs and consequences of unexpected IT outages, but the lost productivity of planned downtime for backups and server maintenance.

    MIMIX Availability solves these issues by providing an affordable, easy-to-use solution that ensures the continuous availability of the systems, applications and databases that drive vital businesses processes.

    MIMIX Availability solves the challenges facing businesses by increasing productivity, reducing costs and satisfying service level and compliance requirements. It eliminates the planned downtime required for database reorganizations, hardware maintenance, software upgrades and other routine tasks. It helps satisfy regulatory data protection mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II and HIPAA and to meet obligations to customers and partners as part of an integrated supply chain or SLA.

    Whether it’s protecting medical records for a healthcare organization, ensuring the continuous availability of complex two or three tier ERP applications for a manufacturer or delivering zero data loss and 24/7 uptime within the high transaction environment of a financial services firm, MIMIX Availability is a proven worldwide performer for helping organizations achieve their business goals.

    Business Problem

    In today’s competitive 24x7 business world there is no time for downtime and no tolerance for data loss. Industry regulations and service level agreements stipulate increasingly strict requirements that carry penalties for non-compliance. Customers and partners demand continuous availability. Your business needs a strong defense to protect it from disaster, server or storage failure, user error and even downtime for routine maintenance.

  • -Technical Details

    Real-Time Replication

    • Scales from SMB to enterprise
    • Supports any hardware, storage and OS version on physical or cloud platforms
    • Enables queries/reports, backups and more on recovery server data

    Comprehensive Protection

    • On-demand reports on data protection status
    • Self-healing audits and monitoring of replicated data
    • Optimizes and reports on server health

    Easy to Configure, Monitor and Manage

    • Simple, browser-based interface
    • At a glance status display with email notification for unattended monitoring
    • Customizable, automated procedures for common operations

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Judy Olson


    Phone: 630-282-8282

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