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Vision Solutions, Inc.
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MIMIX Availability nearly eliminates planned and unplanned downtime with features that minimize HA administration and ensure data integrity. Scalable from SMB to Enterprise, MIMIX Availability easily integrates into advanced IT environments to keep applications and data continuously protected and available.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    MIMIX Availability transparently replicates applications, data and system values in real time from a production server to a backup server. Leveraging IBM i’s advanced remote journaling features, along with other change capture and replication mechanisms, MIMIX Availability ensures that the secondary system is always a complete, ready-to-run backup system. If you need to shut down the primary server for maintenance, you can rapidly switch operations to the backup server, which can be located anywhere in the world. In addition, MIMIX Availability can detect when the primary system is unexpectedly unavailable and, at your option, minimize business downtime by automating the failover to the backup system. When the primary server is available again, MIMIX Availability will resynchronize the two servers by replicating any changes made on the secondary system. Then, when you are ready, you can easily switch users back to the primary system. MIMIX Availability autonomously seeks out discrepancies in the replicated data and corrects any errors, without the need for operator intervention. Your backup system is always “switch-ready”—available to assume responsibility for running your critical operations in a moment’s notice.

    Business Case

    The ability to ensure business continuity, prepare for disaster recovery and achieve high availability for critical applications and data is a requirement for success in today’s business environment. Organizations are not only faced with the costs and consequences of unexpected IT outages, but the lost productivity of planned downtime for backups and system maintenance.

    MIMIX Availability solves these issues by providing an affordable, easy-to-use solution that ensures the continuous availability of the systems, applications and databases that drive vital businesses processes.

    MIMIX Availability solves the challenges facing businesses by increasing productivity, reducing costs and satisfying service level and compliance requirements. It eliminates the planned downtime required for database reorganizations, hardware maintenance, software upgrades and other routine tasks. It helps satisfy regulatory data protection mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II and HIPAA and to meet obligations to customers and partners as part of an integrated supply chain or SLA.

    Whether it’s protecting medical records for a healthcare organization, ensuring the continuous availability of complex two or three tier ERP applications for a manufacturer or delivering zero data loss and 24/7 uptime within the high transaction environment of a financial services firm, MIMIX Availability is a proven worldwide performer for helping organizations achieve their business goals.

    Business Problem

    MIMIX Availability eliminates the costs and consequences of both planned and unplanned downtime, including the loss of revenue, customers and market opportunities.

    • Eliminates the business costs and consequences of downtime.
    • Supports compliance with data protection and availability regulations.
    • Minimizes high availability administration costs and maximizes data integrity.

  • -Technical Details

    MIMIX Availability is designed to provide all the HA functionality required by demanding enterprises within an easy to use, easy to switch solution.

    • Superior replication technology based on IBM’s remote journaling technology, tuned for the IBM i OS and high performance.
    • Easy, intuitive management with the browser-based Vision Solutions Portal.
    • Auditing and monitoring of replicated data ensures data integrity and switch confidence.
    • Single button, automated switches.
    • Customizable automation.
    • Automated IBM i system optimization.
    • Integrated control of hardware HA.


  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Judy Olson


    Phone: 630-282-8282

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