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ProjectWare Dashboard for Rapid Project and Document Automation.

DSAPPS INC (ProjectWare)
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Projectware Dashboard is a cloud based software tool for collaborative project management, team & task scheduling, documents and issue management, cost and time management. It allows teams to rapidly automate business processes within and beyond the enterprise, now enabled on IBM® PureSystems™ delivering integrated expertise.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Project and Process Management Dashboards

    • Manage employees, suppliers, vendors, partners, customers around the globe.
    • Uses 'Action Buttons' to track and flag project commitments, milestones and issues.
    • Provides automatic and continuous work guidance to team on required work completion percentages.
    • Documents Dashboard - Supports workflow automation by linking documents to project actions.
    • Issues Tracking Dashboard - Track pending and resolved issues for each action or task within a project.
    • Cost / Time Tracking Dashboard - Track budgeted and actual costs and time consumption for each project action.
    • Manage Contracts, Projects, Sub-Projects, Tasks and Milestones, Commitments, Action Items; easy to integrate globally dispersed outsourcing partner projects.
    • Supports IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence project teams by managing reporting commitments and tracking actions and issues raised through BI reporting.

    Business Case

    Quick team project management collaboration tool, simple and powerful, does not require any user training.

    Ideal for managing outsourced supply chains that requires managing work commitments and work status of partners and vendors spread around the globe.

    Ideal tool for managing the implementation of new products and processes; supports project templates that may be prepared by vendors and consultants listing tasks, dependencies, work estimates and knowledge transfer documents.

    Business Problem

    1) Manage Supply Chains - Satisfies need for customers, suppliers, vendors, business partners to swiftly implement automated commitment tracking across globally outsourced projects.

     2) Manage Complex Product Implementations - Provides support for team project management and collaboration between internal people and external vendors, consultants, partners etc. Automates and simplifies project implementation and knowledge transfer steps.

  • -Technical Details

    • Manages programs, projects, contracts, tasks, schedules, work status, action commitments, documents, web links, issues, notes, discussions.
    • Tracks projects, tasks, issues, resources, documents, costs etc.
    • Supports teams within and beyond the enterprise
    • Implement collaborative team project management
    • Track and communicate schedule changes
    • Provides automatic work guidance on required work completion
    • Continually pinpoints delays motivating team members to avoid delays
    • Alert if data update is delayed
    • Easy to deploy, fully web based software
    • User friendly interface, requires no training

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Sesh Raj


    Phone: 1-408-940-5003

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