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InterSystems Corporation


IBM PureFlex System
InterSystems TrakCare™ is a unified healthcare information system. It is an internet-based solution with advanced clinical, administrative, and departmental functionality that are interoperable with legacy and future applications. TrakCare is not available in the United States

inFORM Decisions

iDocs - Enterprise Content Management Solutions

iDocsTM is the central processing engine (administrator) that runs seamlessly with iSeries® - System i ® - Power Systems Accounting/ERP software applications. iDocs monitors Output Queues for spool files, database files or XML data to process and route based on user-defined business rules.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks QFabric

IBM PureFlex System
Juniper Networks QFabric changes the dynamics of data center networking, leading the evolution to a virtualized, converged, and cloud-ready data center. QFabric seamlessly integrates with any existing data center infrastructure, providing deployment flexibility without requiring replacement of the existing resources.

Raz Lee Security Ltd.


IBM PureData System
DB-Gate gives IBM i sites new data access capabilities, employing standard OS/400 to enable totally DB-transparent access to remote systems; e.g. an IBM i program written in RPG, Cobol, C, etc., can use SQL to access a Netezza server and other external DBs from the same program. Same for the STRSQL interactive console.

株式会社 立山システム研究所


電子文書管理システム「SFS」は、「使いやすさ」と「大量文書対応」を両立した電子文書管理システムです。 導入、運用時の負荷は少なく、電子文書はもとより、紙文書の電子化と保存・活用にも対応。ユーザのアクセス権限をきめ細かに設定できるなど、セキュリティ面でも高度な機能を保有しています。 金融、製造、法律事務所など約12,200ユーザクライアントへの導入実績があります。国内大手法律事務所では導入実績No.1です。 最近では、既に導入している文書管理システムのリプレースを理由に「SFS」を採用して頂くケースが増えています。

Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.


IBM PureFlex System
Automate and enhance your clinical, financial and ancillary operations with MedSeries4®, a comprehensive, integrated and scalable HIS solution. This modular series is designed specifically for acute-care, single-entity community facilities and acute-care, multi-entity delivery networks and healthcare chains.

Ashwood Computer Company, Inc.

FOREMOST ERP Software For Manufacturers & Distributors

Version:Monolithic ERP Solution
FOREMOST is a complete ERP software solution developed for Manufacturers and Distributors with integrated accounting and reporting. Now enabled on IBM's pSeries, xSeries and Pure Systems, for rapid deployment with integrated expertise.

oxaion ag

oxaion open

IBM PureFlex System
ERP System - für Mittelstand DB2 LUW

e-Spirit AG

FirstSpirit™ Content Management for IBM Solutions

Version:FirstSpirit v5.1
The FirstSpirit™ content management system delivers business value across real world web and e-commerce landscapes. With its usability and functionality FirstSpirit CMS optimizes and consolidates editing processes throughout the enterprise and is the leading CMS solution for seamless integration with IBM Smarter Commerce.

Manhattan Associates, Inc.

Transportation Planning & Execution for System P

Optimally manage all your transportation activities so you can coordinate, redirect and stay on schedule. Deliver superior service to your customers with full visibility and event management capabilities.

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