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SDS Software Daten Service GmbH


GEOS is an integrated online system for high-performance 24x7 STP of securities & derivatives in real time for international banks and financial institutions. GEOS also stands for - Platform independence - High level of scalability - Multi-client, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-channel, multi-tier capabilities



采用云计算技术,将物理上分散的各个计算能力进行融合和共享,以最低的成本造价实现最高的效益回收,将各个应用共享与融合,加速信息等资源的高速流通,提高从技术与环境上的服务能力。 平台包含:中小企业云计算基础设施平台IAAS; 中小企业云计算应用开发平台PAAS; 中小企业云计算应用管理平台及各类中小企业应用SAAS 。

LogDrill Ltd.


Version:LogDrill 3.1
LogDrill is the fastest machine generated data analysis tool. Machine generated data (logs) makes up the majority of Big Data, and these are originally semi structured. LogDrill is universally applicable to analyze every kind of log: finding operational anomalies, fraud and hacker breach with the help of reports & alerts.


IBS Enterprise

Fully integrated business software solutions for wholesale distributors and manufacturers running on the IBM Power and Pure systems

Datasel A.S

AviCenna Hospital Information Management Platform

Avicenna HIS is designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals helping them to improve not only medical quality of the patient care services but also tracking the financial and service costs in their organization with more than 30 Modules which includes ADT , medical, financial and managements (MIS) .


COMPANY E-Commerce

「COMPANY E-Commerce」は、「COMPANY 」ECシリーズの一製品です。 「COMPANY」 ECシリーズは、数多くのEC・通販サイト構築実績に基づくノウハウを持ち、顧客管理、プロモーション、マーケティング・分析、コールセンター、コンテンツ管理、受注配送管理、商品・在庫管理までを一元管理できるシステムです。

Subex Limited

ROC Fraud Management Solution

IBM PureFlex System
ROC Fraud Management System, a Subex ROC component, helps in detecting frauds by highlighting usage patterns and matching subscriber profiles against known fraudsters. ROC Fraud Management System’s rule and threshold based alarm generation module raises alarms whenever a pre-set usage value or pattern is violated.

Subex Limited

ROC Revenue Assurance

Version:v 5.0
IBM PureFlex System
ROC Revenue Assurance provides continuous monitoring and revenue protection needed in today's changing telecommunications environment. It is designed to detect not only potential revenue loss, but also to assist operators with the investigation, diagnosis, and recovery of these revenues and with their ongoing protection.



Version: 5.1
PrecentiaLife is a comprehensive life insurance administration system that supports a wide range of product classes. It provides a full ensemble of functions a) Product Setup b) New Business c) Policy Servicing d) Claim e) Collections and Payments f) Channel Management and Compensation g) RI h) Accounts

Comptel Corporation

Comptel Social Links

IBM PureData System
Comptel Social Links delivers next-generation customer value management with advanced analytics powered by social intelligence. Combining the depth of mediated data and predictive analytics, providers can make a positive impact on churn, end-user satisfaction and the generation of new revenues through service innovation.

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