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IBM Health Integration Framework

Healthcare,Deploy smarter solutions for your healthcare and lift sciences organisation with the IBM Health Integration Framework

Why IBM for healthcare

IBM provides healthcare and life sciences-specific software, solution accelerators and best practices to help you improve safety and quality of care, process efficiency, and patient and member satisfaction.

What we offer

  • Enterprise Health Analytics

    Use comprehensive information to improve clinical decision making, performance, processes, quality of care

  • Healthcare Service Management and Security

    Track assets, patients and staff to improve patient safety and care, gain enterprise visibility to resources, increase efficiency and contain costs

  • Enterprise, Patient and Clinical Portals

    Share information and processes to increase clinical efficiency, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce cost for customer service

  • Clinical Integration and Interoperability

    Facilitate secure access to clinical systems and handling of transactions based on HIPAA and HL7 standards, resulting in time and cost savings

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