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XL C/C++

System requirements

Technical details

XL C/C++  for AIX

XL C/C++ for Linux

XL C/C++ for Multicore Acceleration

Using XL Compilers on AIX 6.1

Operating SystemSoftwareHardware
AIXIBM AIX 5L Version 5.2, IBM AIX 5L Version 5.3 operating system, or IBM AIX 6.1

Frames-capable browser to view HTML-based online documentation

Adobe Acrobat Reader to view documentation in Portable Document Format (PDF)

CDE (required for applications and tools with a graphical interface)
IBM System p server, BladeCenter JS20, or BladeCenter JS21 capable of running IBM AIX 5L Version 5.2 or IBM AIX 5L Version 5.3

Disk Space - minimum 350 MB
i5/OS OS/400 V5R2 or i5/OS V5R3 operating system

5722SS1 Option 33 - i5/OS PASE

5799-PTL - System i Tools for Developers PRPQ (contains PERL, required for compiler installation)
IBM System i server capable of running i5/OS V5R3

Disk Space - minimum 350 MB