Workload Simulator for z/OS and OS/390


Workload Simulator Publications
Title View/download PDF Order number View Book Last update
Brochure (PDF, 86KB) GC18-7063-00 - 12/2008
Program Directory (PDF, 84KB) GI10-3234-00 - 08/2002
User's Guide (PDF, 1.09MB) SC31-8948-01 View 10/2015
Utilities Guide (PDF, 1.17MB) SC31-8947-01 View 10/2015
User Exits (PDF, 201KB) SC31-8950-00 View 08/2002
Messages and Codes (PDF, 528KB) SC31-8951-01 View 10/2015
Creating WSim Scripts (PDF, 1.71MB) SC31-8945-01 View 10/2015
Script Guide and Reference (PDF, 1.86MB) SC31-8946-01 View 10/2015
Test Manager User's Guide and Reference (PDF, 481KB) SC31-8949-01 View 10/2015
Workload Simulator General Enhancements (PDF, 155KB) - - 12/2004
Workload Simulator Adapters for Rational Test Manager (PDF, 681KB) - - 12/2004
Bookshelf GC31-6892-00 View 02/2007
Bookshelf Index GC31-6893-00 - 02/2007
PDF Extended Shelf GC31-6894-00 View 02/2007
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