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Rational Functional Tester Extension

Rational software

for Terminal-based Applications

Features and benefits

3270 (zSeries™) and 5250 (iSeries™) terminal-based applications are no more exempt from high quality delivery than any other software-based application upon which a business relies. Unfortunately, an organization's test expertise is typically found on teams not closely aligned with the groups building and maintaining terminal-based applications. The tools are different, the vocabulary is different, and in the end terminal-based applications suffer from poor or insufficient testing.

The IBM Rational Functional Tester Extension for Terminal-based Applications enables an organization's highly skilled QA teams to use the same tool for 3270 and 5250 applications that they've come to rely upon for testing Java and Web-based applications - namely, Rational Functional Tester. Now a single tool can be used to automate regression testing for a true mixed workload environment.

Shared user interface
Installs into the same Eclipse shell as IBM Rational Functional Tester, making it easy to navigate between perspectives.

Simple setup and teardown process required to connect the emulator to remote 3270- and 5250-based systems.

Custom integration
Built explicitly for usage with Rational Functional Tester, preventing the kind of synchronization problems experienced when attempting to test green screen and other terminal-based applications through third-party emulators.

Integrates with the Global Security Kit
Can be used with the Global Security Kit (GSKit) included on the installation CD if data transactions will require enhanced security. The GSKit provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) TCP/IP connections using public key encryption/decryption methodologies.

Supports all features of Rational Functional Tester
Read a complete list of the features and benefits of Rational Functional Tester.

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