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Rational Suite for Technical Developers

Rational software

Features and benefits

Feature Description Benefit
Complete code generation from models Automatically generate code from models. Higher productivity compared to manual coding.
Integrated requirements management Integrations between requirements, modeling, defect and change tracking and modeling tools. Improves the quality of initial requirements, allows team to be proactive to requirement changes and helps team prioritize tasks based on current changes
Generate defect reports and charts Chart defects and other associated assets. Offers team high-level and clear understanding of bug fixes by priority.
Asset versioning All development assets are versioned. Ability to rollback changes to preferred version of file/code.
Component testing Automates creation and deployment of host and target-based component test harnesses, test stubs, and test drivers. Test directly on the target increases confidence that actual system will perform as expected.
Memory corruption and leak detection Automatically pinpoints hard-to-find bugs. Improved execution reliability.
Performance profiling Identifies application-level performance bottlenecks. Pinpoints areas in the code that can be optimized for their performance.
Configurable process Select only the process components you need for the technology, tools, and development styles your projects use. Allows your team to be more focused and productive, while minimizing risk and ensuring more predictable results.
Code coverage analysis Identifies untested code. Avoid users being the first to exercise functionality.
Round-trip engineering Enables you to model your application, generate the code elements, then modify and implement the code as necessary. Synchronizes your models with your code.
Automated testing Manage functional, performance, manual, integration, regression, configuration and component testing right from your desktop. Improve code quality and application performance with automated testing tools. Conduct multiple of tests simultaneously.
Objective status reports Retrieve data directly from the Team Unifying Platform and other integrated tools. Creates centralized, accurate, and up-to-date reports for team reference and project progress.
Project workflow Workflow automatically notifies stakeholders when changes impact assets or tasks of other team members. Early alerts keep team focused on most important tasks.

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