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VisualAge Smalltalk

Technical detail

VisualAge Smalltalk System Requirements for OS/2

Please note that these are minimum system requirements. VisualAge® Smalltalk Enterprise Version 6.0 has been tested, and will be supported, at this level of pre-requisites.

Base OS/2 Requirements

  • OS/2® Warp® Version 4.0 + FP11
  • OS/2 Warp Server for e-business
  • An HPFS - Formatted drive for client install

Server Workbench Requirements

  • To use CPIC interactive debug, IBM Communications Server for OS/2 Warp v4
  • To use TCP/IP interactive debug, the TCP/IP stack shipped with the system
  • To test your CICS® application, CICS for OS/2 V3.0 which ships as part of IBM Transaction Server for OS/2 Warp, Version 4 or later (also shipped with VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise)
  • To simulate VSAM data sets for testing, Btrieve 6.15 SDK (Note: If you have CICS for OS/2 installed, you have Btrieve)

Database Requirements

  • For local IBM database support, DB2® Universal Database™ Version 6.1 for OS/2 or later
  • For remote IBM database support, Client Application Enabler/2 Version 6.1

Domino Connection Requirements

  • Lotus Notes Version 4.5 or later

Web Connection Requirements

  • TCP/IP must be installed on OS/2
  • Web server supporting HTTP 1.0 and CGI 1.1
  • For NSAPI, Netscape Server Version 3.5.1
  • For ICAPI, IBM Internet Connection Server Version 4.2 or later
  • For servlet interface, an HTTP server that supports servlets
  • Web browser supporting HTML 2.0

Communications/Transactions Requirements

  • For the TCP/IP protocol, IBM TCP/IP Version 3.0 for OS/2
  • For the CICS ECI protocol, IBM CICS Client for OS/2 Version 2.00
  • For the MQSeries® protocol, IBM MQSeries for OS/2 Version 5.0
  • For the APPC or CPI-C protocols, IBM Communications Server for OS/2 Warp Version 4
  • For the EHLLAPI protocol, IBM Personal Communications AS/400® and 3270 Version 4.1

HTML Documentation Requirements

  • Netscape Communicator 4.04 or later
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