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Rational Purify

Rational software

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Rational® Purify® is a dynamic software analysis tool designed to help developers write more reliable code. It includes two capabilities packaged into a single product: 1) Memory debugging (pinpoints hard to find memory errors such as uninitialized memory access, buffer overflow and improper freeing of memory) 2) Memory leak detection (identifies memory blocks that no longer have a valid pointer). Purify is supported on Windows®, Linux®, Solaris®, and AIX®.

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Compatibility and pricing for Windows for Linux and UNIX

Description Dynamic software analysis tool for Windows application development Dynamic software analysis tool for UNIX application development
Operating system Windows Sun Solaris, Linux, AIX
Licensing Authorized User Authorized User
Key features for Windows for Linux and UNIX
IDE Integration Yes
Memory leak detection Yes Yes
Memory corruption detection Yes Yes
Binary instrumentation Yes Yes
Command line interface Yes Yes
Supports C/C++ Yes Yes
Supports .NET™ Yes

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