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Rational Professional Bundle

Rational software

Features and benefits

IBM® Rational® Professional Bundle includes all of the desktop tools your enterprise needs to design, construct and test J2EE/Portal/Service-oriented applications on both Windows and Linux, in a single purchase vehicle with one maintenance contract to manage. This bundle enables practitioners to easily use any tool as their role changes or as they need to perform new tasks. It provides the greatest flexibility for the individual practitioner to install and use the tool(s) they need to do their job. The tools in IBM Rational Professional Bundle are architected for ease of adoption, since most tools are installed inside an Eclipse-based application shell. It also includes a 5 virtual user performance testing pack.

IBM Rational Professional Bundle drives application development that is optimized for WebSphere and DB2 software. It provides strong support for developing for other J2EE- technology platforms, as well. It supports geographically distributed teams through a flexible, floating license model. Small, centrally-located teams can take advantage of the authorized user license model.

The Rational Professional Bundle includes:

Product Description
IBM Rational Software Modeler UML 2 modeling, patterns, reporting
IBM Rational Software Architect Rational Software Modeler, Rational Application Developer, pattern transforms , and application analysis
IBM Rational Application Developer Rational Web Developer and enterprise application development, test, and debug
IBM Rational Functional Tester Automated functional regression testing
IBM Rational Manual Tester Manual test generation and execution
IBM Rational Performance Tester Performance testing tool for validating Web application scalability
IB Rational ClearCase LT Entry-level version control for small, local projects
IBM Rational Unified Process (RUP) for J2 and Software Architects A subset of RUP for J2 and Software Architects

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