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Features and benefits

As a human-oriented programming language, NetRexx makes writing and using Java classes quicker and easier than writing in Java. This is accomplished by taking the simplicity of Rexx and superimposing it on the object-oriented programming concepts of Java classes, methods, and properties. The minimal overhead and "boilerplate syntax" inherent in NetRexx results in:

- easily-developed source code statements, ready to be compiled into Java source statements and Java bytecode
- programs that can run in Windows, OS/2, MVS, and UNIX-based systems – almost any operating system that supports the Java 1.1 toolkit and compiler and includes the Java virtual machine (JVM)
- an effective, easier-to-use alternative to the Java language, letting you create applications and applets for the Java environment faster and more easily than by programming in Java.
- quicker development, compiles, and interpretations of programs and applets for the Java environment, supported by:

Being very system-independent, NetRexx offers the advantages of portability to almost all operating systems, including Windows, OS/2, MVS, and UNIX-based systems. This means you need to learn fewer programming languages; there is no longer the need for a new command programming language for every application and operating system.

The speed and simpilicity of developing in NetRexx is backed by benchmarks showing that the Java source for a typical class has about 35% more lexical tokens and requires about 20% more keystrokes than it would in NetRexx. And, functionality is maintained because NetRexx has equivalent classes to all Java classes.

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