Technical detail

TASID tool

TASID is a free tool developed internally within IBM to monitor activity on a z/OS system. It is offered as is, with no warranty of any kind. Note that some options may not operate correctly on all z/OS systems, and some HELP information may be out of date. All available documentation is contained in the help panels (which you can access by entering the HELP function key on any panel) or on the Action bar.

To install TASID

  1. Download the self-extracting file to a Windows or OS/2 workstation (with DOS support)
  2. Run the program in a new directory to extract the files
  3. Follow the directions in the README file

TASID0.EXE has the panels built in to the load module (easiest to install, but slower to load each time you run it)

TASID.EXE has separate panel and load libraries (runs faster but requires a panel library).

Common Installation Problems

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