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File Manager Templates

A File Manager template is a file that provides a particular interpretation of a data set. The template defines a logical view that you can use to view and manipulate the data in records as discrete fields. With a template, you can select and format records and fields when editing, browsing, copying, printing and creating data sets. Templates can be based upon a COBOL or PL/I copybook or can be created dynamically. You can apply different templates to the same data, to achieve different purposes. For example, you might create a number of templates with different selection criteria in place, and then apply the template that defines the subset of records that you need for a particular purpose. Also, you can apply the same template to different data sets, provided that they have similar record and field structures.

The File Manager Base, DB2 and IMS components all use templates. However, these templates are not interchangeable between the components. You cannot, for example, use a "base" template in the File Manager DB2 component. Dynamic templates are only available within the Base component.

For many File Manager tasks, you can use templates. A template provides a logical view of a data set, based upon field definitions in a COBOL or PL/I copybook, or else created dynamically. If you use a template, you can: