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File Manager for z/OS

Performance information

File Manager - IMS component

The IMS component of File Manager (FM/IMS) is an ISPF application, in which you can manipulate data stored in IMS databases. Using FM/IMS, you can:

For many tasks, you can use the FM/IMS elements called templates and views to define a logical view of a database, based upon field definitions from COBOL or PL/I copybooks. When you associate a view with a database you can:

FM/IMS provides you with a number of flexible ways to connect to your IMS databases. For example, with BMP mode you can connect to an online multi-user database and manipulate the data. In DLI mode, you can work with data offline as a single user or you can share the data with others.

In addition, FM/IMS provides two functions that you can use in batch jobs. FM/IMS Edit Batch (IEB) runs a REXX procedure that can insert, update, retrieve, delete or print segments and create views. FM/IMS Batch Print (IPR) can print the entire database in one of several available display formats, or a selected subset of the database, based on a view.

The File Manager for IMS component of V8.1 has the following enhancements: