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File Manager for z/OS

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File Manager - DB2 component

The DB2 component of File Manager (FM/DB2) provides a comprehensive, user-friendly set of tools for working with DB2 data. These tools include the familiar browse, edit, copy and print utilities found in ISPF, enhanced to meet the needs of application developers.

FM/DB2 is a powerful set of utility functions for editing, browsing, printing, copying, and maintaining DB2 data. It also provides utilities for listing DB2 objects, managing DB2 privileges, generating JCL to run DB2 standalone utilities, exporting and importing DB2 tables to or from QSAM or VSAM data sets, creating data to populate DB2 tables, and prototyping SQL SELECT statements.

FM/DB2 is an ISPF application program. It uses panels that you can use to select options and to specify parameters, commands and program function (F) keys to simplify requests for common functions, and full-screen format for information display and editing. If data does not fit on the screen, ISPF provides scrolling in all four directions.

The File Manager for DB2 component in V8.1 has several new functions and enhancements, including: