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File Manager for z/OS

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File Manager for CICS

File Manager for CICS is a powerful feature that lets you run File Manager functions from the CICS environment, using a familiar user-friendly ISPF look-alike interface, to provide access to these CICS resources:

File Manager for CICS incorporates all the existing File Manager capabilities such as template/copybook usage, edit, browse and print into the CICS environment as well as providing services to inquire and modify the status and various attributes of the supported CICS resources.

If authorized you can invoke the File Manager base application where you can use edit, browse and most of the common utilities with CICS or File Manager supported data sets. For example, you can copy from any CICS resource or File Manager supported data set to any other CICS resource or File Manager supported data set.

If authorized you can also run File Manager for IMS from the CICS environment.

The File Manager for CICS component of V8.1 has the following enhancements:

This support also increases the similarity of the File Manager CICS user interface to the other components of File Manager, and allows the File Manager Base and File Manager IMS interfaces to be used unchanged when called from File Manager CICS.