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Rational Enterprise Generation Language

Enterprise Development for the Changing Business Developer Landscape

Rational software - Software and system development
IBM® Rational® Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) is a modern programming language that allows business-oriented developers to apply a procedural style of programming while exploiting the power of underlying object-oriented technology.


IBM Rational COBOL Generation Extension for zSeries
Provides the ability to continue reaping the benefits of the highly scalable, 24x7 availability of the zSeries platform by allowing procedural business developers to write full-function applications quickly while focusing on the business aspect and logic and not the underlying technology, infrastructure or platform plumbing.
IBM Rational COBOL Runtime for zSeries
Provides the runtime libraries for programs that execute on z/OS that were developed with IBM Rational COBOL Generation Extension for zSeries, a plugin of IBM Rational Application Developer and IBM Rational Software Architect.
IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere® Software
A comprehensive IDE for software developers that enables them to quickly design, develop, analyze, test, profile and deploy SOA, Java, J2EE, and portal applications.
IBM Rational Software Architect
Advanced model driven development and static analysis for software architects and model-driven developers creating Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), J2EE and portal applications. This integrated analysis, design and development toolset supports understanding, designing, managing and evolving enterprise solutions and services. It includes design, analysis and development capabilities.

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New! SOA testing open beta
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