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Rational Rose XDE Modeler

Rational software - Software and system development
Features and benefits

The IBM® Rational® Rose XDE™ product family combines the rich heritage of the award-winning IBM Rational Rose family with IBM Rational XDE, which extends your IDE with the world's most advanced software modeling capabilities. Though packaged and purchased together, Rose and XDE are installed separately. They can be used in combination, with some limitations, but most users will benefit from primarily using one or the other.

IBM Rational Rose XDE Developer editions offer software designers and developers a rich set of model-driven development and runtime analysis capabilities for building quality software applications. They offer complete visual design and development environments that address the needs of organizations targeting both J2EE-based and .NET-based systems. Our solution allows users to work inside the included Eclipse IDE, or it can be installed into the IBM® WebSphere™ Studio Application Developer and Integration Edition IDEs, and Microsoft® Visual Studio™ .NET. Rational Rose is also included to integrate with Microsoft® Visual Studio™ and other leading Java™ platform IDEs. The IBM Rational Rose XDE Developer products extend your development environment or integrate with the one you are already using.

Rational Rose XDE Modeler enables architects and designers to practice model-driven development with the Unified Modeling Language™ (UML). Such users can produce platform independent models of software architecture, business needs, reusable assets, and management-level communication. Industry standard UML support and a powerful pattern engine allow users to create a semantically rich application architecture that meets business needs and is readily understood by the development team. Architects and designers can use Rational Rose XDE Modeler's multi-model support to separate concerns of analysis, architecture, design and implementation. Developers can use architectural models and patterns as the basis for implementation, thereby accelerating the development of applications to conform to their architecture. Further, features such as free-form modeling, Web publishing and reporting allow users to share architecture and designs with all stakeholders, whether or not the stakeholders use Rational Rose XDE Modeler.

IBM Rational Rose XDE key features
Runs inside the IDERuns inside leading IDEs e.g. IBM WSAD, Microsoft VS .NETPractitioner benefit: No need to switch between tools for design/development

Project manager benefit: More productive team

Business benefit: Improved learning curve and productivity
In-shell integration of Rational Purify PlusPurifyPlus for Windows is inside XDE Developer PlusPractitioner benefit: Benefit from cutting edge performance and runtime analysis tool without leaving the IDE

Project manager benefit: Prevents memory corruption errors and memory leaks, pinpoints performance bottlenecks, and reveals untested and dead code

Business benefit: Better software products
Visual TraceRun application and automatically capture a visual record of its behavior in the form of a UML diagramPractitioner benefit: Understand application. Capture and document software behavior. Visually identify error-prone code.

Project manager benefit: Better overall software. Faster ramp up for team

Business benefit: Better software products
Visual custom patterns/code templatesVisually implement reusable design patterns and custom code templatesPractitioner benefit: Better reuse of design and code

Project manager benefit: Organized reuse in the team and leveraging of advanced skills on team

Business benefit: Higher productivity, better sharing /dissemination/use of knowledge within team
Multi-model supportDefine multiple models that ca n be used togetherPractitioner benefit: Faster loading, better structured project

Project manager benefit: Flexible project and team structuring

Business benefit: Flexible ownership and management of products
Controllable model-code synchronizationSwitch between manual and auto synchronization modesPractitioner benefit: Ability to try out what-if scenarios easily

Project manager benefit: More productive team

Business benefit: Higher productivity
Tight integration with key toolsSeamless integration with key lifecycle toolsPractitioner benefit: Simpler work environment

Project manager benefit: Easier to manage requirements, documentation etc

Business benefit: Better software overall, higher productivity, better work environment
Free-form modelingUse informal and formal diagrams for communicationPractitioner benefit: Communicate intent, ideas and design

Project manager benefit: Better communication with non technical parties

Business benefit: Better software
UML modelingExtensive support for UMLPractitioner benefit: Single language and tool across the project

Project manager benefit: Single language and tool across the project

Business benefit: Increased quality and reduced misunderstandings
UML database diagramsCreate UML database diagramsPractitioner benefit: Database analysts can model static entity relationships as well as database dynamics

Project manager benefit: Better communication within the team

Business benefit: Increased quality and reduced misunderstandings
Extensibility InterfaceAccess to models and commands via scriptingPractitioner benefit: Automation of tedious tasks

Project manager benefit: More productive teams

Business benefit: Higher productivity and automation
Multi-language supportMultiple languages available e.g. Java, C++, VB, Ada, CORBA, etc.Practitioner benefit: Ability to use a single tool for complex projects

Project manager benefit: Reuse skills on multiple aspects of project

Business benefit: Modeling skills transferable across organization
Application to data model synchronizationTansformation between application model and data modelPractitioner benefit: The mapping between the application model and the database model is automatically maintained

Project manager benefit: Application model and database model stay in synch

Business benefit: Better alignment of applications and data
Physical architecture modelingCreate component and deployment diagrams for database implementationsPractitioner benefit: Allows data modelers to visually view the implementation of structures in tablespaces and databases

Project manager benefit: Better implementation planning

Business benefit: Simple problem analysis and understanding of security issues
Logical and Physical data modelingLogical data requirements modeling, physical database design modelingPractitioner benefit: Visual modeling and analysis of logical data requirements and database design

Project manager benefit: Unify data architects with software architects

Business benefit: Fewer unique tools required

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