IBM Problem Determination Tools Studio and

Problem Determination Tools Studio and Plug-ins downloads.Learn more.

Problem Determination Tools Studio and Plug-ins downloads
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The IBM Problem Determination Tools Studio, and the individual product plug-ins, provide easy access through a graphical user interface (GUI) on the workstation to the power of the host IBM Problem Determination Tools – Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS, Debug Tool for z/OS, Fault Analyzer for z/OS, File Manager for z/OS, and Workload Simulator for z/OS and OS/390. The GUI provides a workstation alternative to the z/OS ISPF interface. With this interface, existing application developers and system programmers may experience productivity gains over the traditional "green screen" interface. The interface can also lower the learning curve for new z/OS developers, making them proficient quicker by providing an interface to the z/OS tool that is easier and more familiar for new hires to pickup and use.

IBM Problem Determination Tools Studio is a standalone, Eclipse-based environment that contains the capability found in each of the individual product plug-ins for Application Performance Analyzer, Debug Tool, Fault Analyzer, File Manager, and Workload Simulator, including:


Note: Further details about the capabilities included in the Problem Determination Tools Studio are described in the individual product plug-in descriptions below.

The individual product plug-ins are also available separately for download and installation into other Eclipse-based platforms like CICS Explorer, IMS Enterprise Suite Explorer, or Rational Developer for System z.

IBM Application Performance Analyzer Plug-in for Eclipse encompasses both the Observation Request and Reporting functions, including the R02 screens list, detail views, edit functions and reports for the Observation. The GUI can be used for submitting new observation requests and for navigating the performance analysis reports generated from observation requests. The GUI can display and provide functions to multiple components of Application Performance Analyzer at the same time. The major views include:

IBM Debug Tool Plug-in for Eclipse, helps debug z/OS-based load modules running on MVS, including load modules that run in a subsystem like CICS, DB2 or IMS. The GUI interface allows you to access debugging capability similar to that accessed by the ISPF interface, allowing you to do the following tasks:

IBM Fault Analyzer Plug-in for Eclipse provides access to problem reports for diagnosing mainframe application errors and ABENDs. Key features include:

IBM File Manager Plug-in for Eclipse provides a set of tools for manipulating and browsing data stored in various z/OS resources including data sets, UNIX System Services files, and IBM WebSphere MQ queues. The following usage scenarios are supported:

IBM Workload Simulator Plug-in for Eclipse provides the ability to help manage the test process and automatically generate Workload Simulator scripts and networks from VTAM and CPI-C trace data.