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Rational ClearCase LT

Features and benefits

IBM® Rational® ClearCase® LT provides software configuration management for small to medium-sized co-located development teams.

Feature Benefit
Local and remote client access Access to project assets from anywhere, anytime
Flexible usage models: Unified Change Management (UCM) or base Rational ClearCase Rational ClearCase meets the needs of any organization by offering UCM (an out-of-box usage model based on activity-based change management best practices) or the flexibility to implement virtually any process model solution
Wide range of supported environments including Windows, Linux, Unix and z/OS Allows you to connect diverse teams and environments – even across different platforms
Support for disconnected usage Continue development efforts while disconnected from the network, easily synchronize changes when reconnected to the network
Integration with leading IDEs including Rational Application Developer®, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and the open source Eclipse framework Allows developers to work in their preferred environment
Parallel development support including automatic branching and advanced merging and differencing technology Allows teams to work on the same code or release at the same time with the ability to easily resolve conflicts, reduce confusion, and get more done in a short amount of time
User authentication Provides secure and controlled access to software assets
Audit trails Provides visibility of who is doing what and when – tracing the origin and details of changes which helps meet compliance mandates
Automated workspace management Provides control over personal workspaces and enables seamless access to the exact files and directory versions that are needed
Integration with design, development, build, test and deployment tools Integrations include IBM Rational ClearQuest® (for change management), IBM Rational Asset Manager® (for asset reuse), IBM Rational Build Forge® (for software assembly and builds), and more…
Seamless upgrade to IBM Rational ClearCase Grow and meet evolving business needs without retraining, retooling or migrating data

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