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IBM Open Class Library (IOC) and OS/390 C/C++

Special Note to Users - January 2004

Starting with z/OS V1R5, all application development using the C/C++ IBM Open Class Library (Application Support Class and Collection Class Libraries) is not supported. Run-time support for the execution of existing applications, which use the IBM Open Class, is provided by the Run-Time Library Extensions base element of z/OS. IBM Open Class run-time support is planned to be removed in a future release.

For additional information, see the IBM Open Class Library Transition Guide.

The C/C++ IBM Open Class Library includes the following class libraries:

You can access the Standard Template Library (STL), a class library that provides generic container classes and algorithms. It is now part of ISO Standard C++.

The I/O Stream Library lets you view input and output (I/O) as independent not only of physical I/O devices, but of data types too. You can code sophisticated I/O statements easily and clearly, and you can define input and output for your own data types. The I/O Stream Library can improve both the maintainability and the performance of programs that use input and output.

The Complex Mathematics Library lets you manipulate complex numbers and perform standard mathematical operations on them. Complex numbers are used in scientific and technical fields.

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