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Rational Build Forge Adaptor Toolkit

Rational software

IBM Rational® Build Forge® Adaptor Toolkit enables you to create seamless links between your build environment and your third-party source code control, defect tracking, or testing software for increased efficiency and tracking. The Rational Build Forge Adaptor Toolkit:

Rational Build Forge Adaptor Toolkit provides ready to use adaptors for CVS, Perforce® SCM, Borland® StarTeam®, Microsoft® Visual Source Safe®, and Subversion. You can modify these adaptors or create your own for custom or other third-party software development tools.

IBM Rational ClearCase® and IBM Rational ClearQuest® adaptors are available with IBM Rational Build Forge.

The Adaptor Toolkit is a standard feature of Rational Build Forge Enterprise Edition Plus. The toolkit is available separately for Rational Build Forge Enterprise and Standard editions.

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