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Rational Build Forge live demos. See how Rational Build Forge can help you in your environment.

Request a personalized product demonstration today to see the full scope of the IBM Rational® Build Forge® solution.

A live, interactive demo is conducted by a Rational Build Forge systems engineer either in person or online, allowing you to ask questions specific to your environment.

A live demo shows how Rational Build Forge can help you achieve the following goals.

Increase team efficiency

If dealing with error-prone, manual, build and release processes and if having to reinvent the wheel for each project are impacting your development progress, Rational Build Forge has a solution.

Rational Build Forge can help you remove process bottlenecks, deliver the process documentation you need when you need it, and achieve truly scalable build, release, and deployment operations.

Rational Build Forge gives your development team real-time access to information through reusable process libraries. Role-based security is built-in with comprehensive management reports that enable you to make ongoing process improvements.

Automate tasks, documentation, and team handoffs

The Rational Build Forge centralized, Web-based management console helps geographically distributed teams work together more effectively so that your build and release processes can be leveraged across teams and projects anytime, anywhere.

Rational Build Forge helps you increase development team efficiency and provides visibility into your build, release, and deployment processes. Now, your teams can be proactive instead of reactive.

Accelerate build and release cycles

Lengthy build cycles, time-consuming troubleshooting, and inefficient use of hardware slow a development team. When your CMs and developers work in silos, these bottlenecks can be even more exaggerated.

Rational Build Forge can help you accelerate cycles by 10X - 20X through parallel processes and dynamic server pooling, increasing the efficient use of your hardware.

Automatic error log filtering and notification provides for rapid error detection and resolution. Rational Build Forge closes the gaps among writing code, building an application, testing it, and releasing it into production.

Support the needs of diverse teams

Rational Build Forge lets you leverage existing tool investments and speed implementation, so your teams can focus on their core competencies delivering great software on time and on budget.

We invite you to find out more. Request your live demonstration today.

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