APL2 Publications
Title Order number Size
APL2 GRAPHPAK: User's Guide and Reference (PDF) SH21-1074-02 1.61MB
APL2 Installation and Customization under CMS * (PDF) SH21-1062-01 620KB
APL2 Installation and Customization under TSO * (PDF) SH21-1055-01 736KB
APL2 Language Summary (PDF) SX26-3851-02 774KB
APL2 Messages and Codes * (PDF) SH21-1059-00 468KB
APL2 Migration Guide * (PDF) SH21-1069-01 342KB
APL2 Processor Interface Reference * (PDF) SH21-1058-00 665KB
APL2 Programming: Developing GUI Applications (PDF)

SC18-7383-17 1.62MB
APL2 Programming: Guide * (PDF) SH21-1072-00 396KB
APL2 Programming: Language Reference * (PDF) SH21-1061-01 1.79MB
APL2 Programming: System Services Reference * (PDF) SH21-1054-01 1.68MB
APL2 Programming: Using APL2 with WebSphere (PDF) SC18-9442-02 1.11MB
APL2 Programming: Using Structured Query Language (PDF) SH21-1057-08 742KB
APL2 Programming: Using the Supplied Routines * (PDF) SH21-1056-01 910KB
APL2 User's Guide (PDF) SC18-7021-23 3.38MB
Workstation APL2 2.0 License Information (PDF) GC27-1673-00 706KB

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