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Working with APL2

Working with APL2 is like having a conversation with an ultra-powerful calculator. But unlike a calculator, you can perform a calculation with a million pieces of information as easily as with one. You focus on the problem — APL2 manages the calculation.

Many of the common tools you need are built right in. For example, many mathematical, logical, sorting, and searching routines are available. You spend time solving your problem rather than building tools.

APL2's session manager keeps a log of your conversation. You can experiment, modifying expressions until you have found an approach to your problem that works just the way you want. If you make a mistake, APL2 immediately warns you; you can fix your error and continue without interruption. When you're satisfied with your solution, you can give a name to it and perform the calculation by just using the name. This is problem solving in APL2.

You focus on what you want to do — APL2 focuses on how to do it.

Your Solution's Look and Feel

APL2 includes the tools you need to give your solutions a consistent easy-to-use look and feel. And just as you develop your calculations interactively, you can develop your solution's presentation of text and graphics interactively, too.

You can use APL2's portable tools to build solutions that will have the same look and feel even on different types of machines and operating systems. You focus on your solution's needs — not the machine's needs.

If your solutions need to fully exploit your operating system's features, APL2 provides tools for that, too. Whether you use Presentation Manager, X Windows, Motif, GDDM, or ISPF, your solution can look and feel like the rest of your environment.

APL2 lets you work on solutions interactively even when you're using facilities that wouldn't otherwise support an interactive approach. For example, APL2 is an excellent tool for learning how to use OS/2's Presentation Manager. Because APL2 is interactive, you can learn how to use PM a bit at a time, as you need to, rather than trying to learn all of its features at once.

APL2 manages the system's requirements -- you manage only your problem's needs.

What people are saying about APL...

"APL is concise and consistent. I like it for its intellectual beauty — problems become simpler when I start using APL to solve them."

— Donald B. McIntyre, Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.E., Emeritus Professor, Pomona College

"APL2 is the basis of my business. Once my customers see how productive it can be, it is the tool that they want."

— Kyosuke Saigusa, President, APL Consultants of Japan, Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan

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