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Announcing: Workstation APL2 Version 2.0

The IBM APL Products and Services group is pleased to announce a new product, Workstation APL2 for Multiplatforms Version 2.0. Workstation APL2 continues the IBM tradition of offering unparalleled portability. Workstation APL2 runs on AIX®, Linux, Sun® Solaris®, and Windows®. Workstation APL2 is compatible with mainframe APL2 for CMS and TSO.

In addition to adding support for Linux, Workstation APL2 also includes several new features:

Workstation APL2 is priced at US$1500. Volume and trade up discounts are available through Passport Advantage and eligible educators can acquire Workstation APL2 at no cost through the IBM Scholar's Program.

To view the official IBM product announcement letter, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your geographic region
  3. Select Announcements
  4. Under Software, look for IBM Workstation APL2

For further information about Workstation APL2 Version 2.0 see the technical brief.

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