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If your tools are making you lose sight of your problems, you need APL2.


What is APL2?

APL2 is a problem-solving tool, a visualization tool, and a database access tool — all in one!

APL2 is interactive — like a spreadsheet — but it's also a high-level language that has the power and flexibility to solve even the toughest of problems quickly and easily.

APL2 is array based; you can work with enormous amounts of data and still stay focused on your problem.

APL2 manages your data — you manage your solution.

APL2 is portable; you can move both data and solutions between machines and across networks, quickly and easily.

APL2 is easy to get started with, but powerful enough to grow with.


Who uses APL2?

APL2 is used by:


APL2 is for you!

You will build solutions in a natural interactive fashion, so you can easily modify them as your problems evolve.

You will spend more time focusing on your problem and less time constructing programs and macros.

Your work will be portable, so you can reuse it as you move to new machines and operating systems.

If you're someone who needs to be more productive, you need APL2.

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