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APL2 gives you plenty of tools for displaying your data graphically. Here's just a tiny sample:

Pie Chart Sky Chart curve Chart wave Chart

These tools and many others come standard with all of the APL2 systems.

APL2 graphics solutions are easily portable across platforms, even between different kinds of machines. Just like all of your APL2 work.

Your graphics work is a natural extension of APL2's array-oriented notation. "PLOT X" can give you a picture of your data, no matter how complex "X" might be.

APL2 lets you use dozens of dimensions, unlike your spreadsheet that squeezes you into just two or three dimensions. You can easily manipulate and visualize Revenue versus Divisions versus Quarters versus Sites versus... well, you get the idea.

As always, APL2 can grow: If you need a special graphics tool that's not built in, APL2 gives you the means to "roll-your-own", using built-in graphics primitives.

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