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Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS

WebSphere software

Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS V11.1

• The IBM Application Performance Analyzer Plug-in for Eclipse, when integrated with Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS and CICS Explorer, encompasses both the Observation Request and Reporting functions, including the R02 screens list, detail views, edit functions, and reports for the observation. The plug-in GUI can be used for submitting new observation requests and for navigating the performance analysis reports generated from observation requests. The plug-in GUI can display and provide functions to multiple components of Application Performance Analyzer at the same time. The major views include:

• The Application Performance Analyzer Plug-in is enhanced to support IMS Multiple Address Space measurements, source program mapping, and to display windows for details of the sample file and the module information, to make it consistent with the ISPF panels.
• 64-bit support for xplink.
• 64-bit Java support.
• CICS+ new CICS intercept extractor.
• New CICS reports are added to report mean and total service times by user, and to report CPU/service time by CICS transaction.
• New Java reports are added to report the Java heap usage timeline and Java CPU usage by thread.
• The "Variance Report" feature is improved by providing three new variance reports highlighting the main difference between the CICS, DB2, and IMS "summary reports." Up to 20 measurements can be selected for variance reporting, providing the ability to evaluate the performance of specific jobs over an extended time period.
• The DB2 CPU/service time reports are enhanced to allow the developer to display the percentage used in place of the mean fields.
• Support for the natural language and ADABASE from Software AG.
• Recommendation to the developer that a VSAM reorganization be done when CI and CA splits are present. This is shown in the Application Performance Analyzer S09 report.
• Support for large block size (greater than 262K).
• A memory tracking exit that can include data about modules managed via directed load.
• Permit use of system symbols in SampleHLQ, and allow complete control of sample file naming convention via SampleDSN and DuplicateDSN configuration settings.
• C/C++ mapping time stamp interval is reduced.
• An option to load source and then map it to the module (the inverse of usual C/C++).
• IMS Multiple Address Space Support that groups all IMS MPP region observations under a single parent observation in R02.
• IMS Multiple Address Space Support for IMSPlex.
• Support a shared source program mapping dataset list, called the Common Data Store.
• Support measuring Java jobs running in WebSphere V7.
• Currency support for DB2 V10.

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