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The Internet of Things, Acquire more valuable insights, Learn more.

The Internet of Things

Acquire more valuable insights

Reduce the costs & complexity of your B2B file exchanges

Sterling File Transfer Service is a cloud service for file based B2B interactions.

This alternative to on-premise software allows you to manage a single, secure, reliable connection to reach your partners without the capital expense of on premise software or operational impact on your IT staff.

Sterling File Transfer Service is a cost-effective approach to reduce the complexity of your B2B file exchanges. Gain world-class B2B file transfer features in the cloud with capabilities that include:

Standards and protocols

Centralised monitoring and management

IBM® Sterling InFlight Data Management visibility tool provides users:

Security and governance


Sterling File Transfer Service scales with minimal impact on your resources and infrastructure

File transfer automation

Outsourced Services

Leverage IBM’s skilled personnel to manage your B2B file transfer environment with:

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