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Explore IBM BPM on Cloud, Try IBM BPM on Cloud for 30 days, Try it at no-charge

Explore IBM BPM on Cloud
Try IBM BPM on Cloud for 30 days.
Try it at no-charge

Watch video (00:04:08)Develop flexible business processes: bridging the gap between business and IT
Flexible, agile business processes are the key to productivity and growth.
Organisations today must be able to respond to rapid change with flexible, efficient and consistant business processes that differentiate them in the marketplace.
IBM can help you adapt and take advantage of rapid change: by helping business managers understand and optimise business processes and work with IT collaboratively to refine, automate and manage processes and decisions. development process.
Watch video (00:04:08)

IBM Business Process Manager Standard gives you comprehensive visibility and insight to manage business processes. It provides tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring and optimisation, along with basic system integration support. The software easily scales from initial project to enterprise-wide programs.

Business Process Manager Standard is ideal for multi-project improvement programs that focus on workflow and productivity.

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