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Trial WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration

Websphere MQ Overview

IBM® WebSphere MQ allows you to reliably and consistently integrate your systems applications, allowing you to fully take advantage of your existing software and hardware assets.

As a market leader for message-oriented middleware, it offers scalable, enterprise-class connectivity that grows with your integration system challenges and requirements. WebSphere MQ allows you to begin deploying your enterprise service bus (ESB) now and gain the benefits of an integrated service focused architecture (SOA).

WebSphere MQ provides dependable, resilient appliance integration by passing communication between applications and Web services. It reduces the risk of information loss and the need to reconcile communicating IT systems by using queuing and transactional facilities that help preserve the integrity of messages throughout the network. WebSphere MQ eliminates the need to write intricate communications code and offers a choice of easy APIs (Message Queue Interface and Java Message Service?) that are consistent through a range of more than 80 supported operating environments, provided both by IBM and Business Partners.

What exactly is MQ?

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    Accelerate the flow of messages throughout your organisation and extend business value outward to smart devices and mobile phones. Create a more-responsive business by supporting rapid, reliable, and secure transport of information between your applications, systems and services
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