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WebSphere Application Server


WebSphere Application Server.Planning, Concepts and Design. Download Redbook (US)
Why upgrade to WebSphere Application Server V8.Download white paper (US)


WebSphere Application Server supports a broad range of platforms and flexible approaches to application management, from high quality of service to simpler, less costly solutions. With the new Liberty profile, a broad range of development tooling options, and new Intelligent Management capabilities your critical applications will be better managed. 

What we offer

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Application Server (US)

The new Liberty Profile accelerates delivery of innovative applications while providing unmatched operational efficiency, reliability, administration, security, and control.

Application Server - Express (US)

An affordable, ready-to-go solution to build dynamic Web sites and applications

Application Server Community Edition (US)

Lightweight Java EE application server built on open source Apache Geronimo technology

Application Server Network Deployment (US)

Extend the traditional application server with new technologies to enhance resiliency and virtualization capabilities

Application Server for Developers (US)

Efficient development and innovative features of WebSphere Application Server at no-charge

Application Server for z/OS (US)

Takes advantage of the qualities of service of IBM z/OS®

Related Product Editions

Application Server Hypervisor Edition (US)

Optimized to instantly run in VMware and other server virtualization environments

WebSphere Virtual Enteprise (US)

Consolidate application servers and maximize utilization while monitoring application health

WebSphere eXtreme Scale (US)

Provides distributed object caching for elastic scalability and cloud environments

WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid (US)

Enable practical reuse of on-line Java™ assets in the batch workloads

WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime (US)

Enables modernization of transactional COBOL and C applications within WebSphere Application Server on distributed platforms

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