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Manage virtualised environments, reduce infrastructure costs and improve efficiency with IBM Service Management.

Virtualisation continues to change the way people and organisations compute, moving beyond server virtualisation across the entire infrastructure from servers to desktops, storage to networks, and applications to management software. All components of the infrastructure are now in play for IT managers to consider as they weigh their virtualisation management strategies for their data centres.

IBM understands enterprise virtualisation and the vital role it plays in building and managing a dynamic infrastructure—but to deliver on this vision requires deploying new and enhanced management capabilities to take full advantage of the dynamic, scalable, and flexible nature of the virtual environments deployed. This is where IBM Service Management excels.

IBM Service Management—key to reducing cost and delivering quality services in a virtualised environment

IBM Service Management delivers the visibility, control and automation to you need to effectively manage your virtualised environment, enabling you to deliver quality services, mitigate risks, and achieve operational cost savings.


One of the biggest challenges virtualisation presents is the difficulty of managing a virtual infrastructure layered over a physical infrastructure. In virtualised environments, it can be difficult to clearly identify where services, applications, and data reside, and to understand how they all work together.

IBM Service Management helps you discover and visualise – enabling you to monitor the health and relationship of your business services and IT components across your physical and virtual environment.

Featured Offerings

  • Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (US)
    Gives you the ability to view all the different business services and IT components across your physical and virtualised environment so you can understand what resources you have and their dependencies.
  • Tivoli Monitoring (US)

    Provides superior visualisation to help identify trends, see impacts and take action, all from a centralised, easy-to-use portal.

  • Tivoli Business Service Manager (US)
    Delivers advanced real-time visualisation of services and processes to help organisations monitor and measure service availability and performance against defined revenue, growth and operational objectives.


IT departments face unparalleled pressure to control costs, improve service and manage risk. When virtual IT resources are shared by applications and users it can be challenging to manage resource access, usage, and cost.

IBM Service Management delivers the control you need to effectively manage and secure the investments in business and technology assets and processes that your organisation relies upon.

  • IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) (US)
    Tracks IT assets, relationships, configuration and changes in the IT infrastructure. Through the integration, automation and optimisation of data, workflows and policies, Tivoli CCMDB helps align the ongoing management of your IT infrastructure with your business priorities — while helping to eliminate the complexity of managing the virtual infrastructure.
  • IBM Tivoli Usage & Accounting Manager (US)
    Helps to improve IT cost management of shared computing resources through the ability to track, allocate and invoice based on actual resource use by department, user and other criteria.
  • IBM Tivoli License Compliance Manager (US)
    Helps manage software costs and license compliance for software applications running in virtualised environments


When virtualisation combines with automation, true flexibility, resiliency and responsiveness become a reality. For physical and virtual systems alike, the automation of critical operations is crucial for ensuring availability, providing efficient service and reducing manual errors, cost and complexity.

Manual provisioning of hardware and software is a time consuming and cumbersome process. A virtualised IT infrastructure drives requirements for tools to properly coordinate the physical and virtual environments. IBM Service Management delivers automation to optimise management efficiencies associated with deployment, fulfillment, change and release management, and other operational tasks. Tivoli software offers automation solutions designed to address key types of automation, including provisioning, workload, storage and availability.

Featured Offerings

  • Tivoli Provisioning Manager (US)
    Provides end-to-end automation capabilities for physical servers, virtual servers, software, storage devices and network devices.
  • System Storage SAN Volume Controller (US)
    A disk storage virtualisation system designed to help customers reduce storage costs and improve efficiency.
  • Tivoli Storage Productivity Centre (US)
    A suite of storage infrastructure management tools that can help customers reduce the complexity of managing their storage environments by centralising, simplifying and automating storage tasks associated with storage systems, storage networks, replication services and capacity management.
  • Tivoli Workload Automation (US)
    Dynamically brokers workloads to best available virtual resources while resolving cross-workload and physical resource dependencies, and dynamically adapt workload execution to incidences, problems and configuration changes in the underlying virtual and physical IT infrastructure.
  • Tivoli System Automation (US)
    Delivers advanced policy-based automation capabilities to help reduce the frequency and duration of service disruptions and enable high availability of critical applications and middleware running in a heterogeneous and virtual IT environment.

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