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Tivoli Storage Manager White paper Tivoli Storage Manager White paper
Reduce your data storage footprint and tame the information explosion

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager gives you centralized, automated data protection to help reduce the risks associated with data loss. This highly scalable software helps you manage more data with less infrastructure and simplified administration. Now you can save money, improve service levels and comply with data retention regulations.

Tivoli Storage Manager automates data backup and restore functions and centralizes storage management operations.

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Supported platforms

The following operating systems are supported by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, storage management software that automates data backup and restore, expedites data recovery and facilitates compliance.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, servers:

(more detailed server requirements (US))

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, clients:

(more detailed client requirements (US))

V5.3 clients not migrated that can be used with V5.4 servers:

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, API:

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager's supported devices:

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center:

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Tivoli Storage Manager resources

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Data Sheet