Manage the capacity utilization of your file systems and databases

IBM Tivoli Productivity Center IBM Tivoli Productivity Center
Optimizing capacity and management of file systems and databases

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data provides over 400 enterprise-wide reports, monitoring and alerts, policy-based action and file-system capacity automation in a heterogeneous environment. IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data is designed to help improve capacity utilization of file systems and databases and add intelligence to data protection and retention practices.

With Productivity Center for Data, you can address the challenges of an on demand environment with customizable storage-management policies. It is designed to provide a single interface to manage storage assets. It provides a suite of tools to help enterprises to identify, evaluate, control and predict storage usage. It also is designed to enable management of key aspects of the storage infrastructure: capacity, assets, events and availability. Productivity Center for Data offers active, policy-based management for an automated, self-healing approach to storage resource management.

Productivity Center for Data also includes asset management and business unit chargeback capabilities, enabling you to align your storage infrastructure with business objectives and manage storage as an internal, application-driven utility.

Today, more customers are looking for ways to organize their corporate information, manage it efficiently and establish service levels for different classes of storage. Productivity Center for Data can assist with all three elements. Productivity Center for Data is designed to provide autonomic computing capacity management through its file-system-extension capability. Through monitoring, Productivity Center for Data detects when a user-defined threshold has been reached, and extend the file system, to help prevent a potential outage.

Productivity Center for Data is designed to enable you to define and enforce storage policies. It provides event management, which you can use to help fix or avoid storage outages. And you can choose to be notified before any corrective action is executed.

Key features include:

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