IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center

Improve storage efficiency and data mobility with IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center.

In organisations that require scalability, storage virtualisation has become the norm. So have hypervisors, which increase flexibility and improve utilisation of physical assets.

IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center reduces storage costs while dramatically improving flexibility. It offers the integrated services IT managers need to meet rising expectations.

The IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center is both a storage virtualisation platform (IBM SAN Volume Controller) and storage virtualisation management (IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center). To improve storage asset utilisation, it pools together physical disk capacity from multiple arrays and consumes it one virtual slice at a time.

These virtual volumes are mobile – from tier to tier, vendor to vendor and site to site – giving your organisation the flexibility it needs to respond more quickly to changing storage demands. Storage services remain common, even across a disk array vendor change, giving CIOs ultimate control over the rising cost of storage.