Simplified and centralized management for your storage infrastructure

Managing the information explosion without complexity

Are your storage requirements growing too fast? Are the costs of managing this growth taking more and more of your IT budget? Would you like to make a better use of existing storage without adding more complexity to the infrastructure? IBM® System Storage® SAN Volume Controller can help solve these problems and get you on the road towards a more flexible, responsive, and efficient storage environment. SAN Volume Controller is designed to deliver the benefits of storage virtualization in environments from large enterprises to small businesses and midmarket companies.

Easy to implement

IBM® System Storage® SAN Volume Controller software is delivered preinstalled on SVC Storage Engines so it is quickly ready for implementation once the engines are attached to your storage area network (SAN). SVC Storage Engines are based on proven IBM System x® server technology and are always deployed in redundant pairs, which are designed to deliver very high availability.

SVC is designed to take control of existing storage, retaining all your existing information. This ability helps speed and simplify implementation while helping to minimize the need for additional storage. Once SVC is implemented, you can make changes to the configuration quickly and easily as needed.

SAN Volume Controller uses a completely new graphical user interface modeled on the IBM XIV® Storage System, which has been very well received by customers. The user interface is designed to be very easy to use and includes many built-in IBM recommendations to help simplify storage provisioning and enable new users to get started quickly.

Plugins to support Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and VMware vCenter help enable more efficient consolidated management in these environments.


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Features Advantages Benefits
Creates a single pool of storage from multiple disk arrays Utilize your assets more efficiently, virtually eliminate storage related downtime Reduce cost and complexity, Increase application availability
Make changes to the storage infrastructure without disrupting applications Enable non disruptive infrasctructure changes Increase application availability and personnel productivity
Creates a tiered storage environment Match the cost of the storage to the business value of the data, a key first step in managing information over its life Improve ROI
Use a single set of copy services across different classes of storage Reduces the cost of assuring business continuance and simplifies replication management Reduce cost and complexity

Business benefits

Simplify your storage infrastructure with IBM TotalStorage® SAN Volume Controller (SVC). Designed to enable changes to the physical storage with minimal or no disruption to applications, TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller combines the capacity from multiple disk storage systems into a single storage pool, which can be managed from a central point. This is simpler to manage, helps to increase utilization and improve application availability.

TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller's extensive support for non-IBM storage systems – including EMC, HP and HDS – enables a tiered storage environment to allow you to better match the cost of the storage to the value of your data. You can apply advanced copy services across storage systems from many different vendors to help further simplify operations. Now on its seventh release, TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller is designed to manage even larger and more diverse storage environments.

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