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Effectively manage your SOA Environment with IBM Service Management for SOA

Why IBM Service Management for SOA? IBM Service Management provides the Visibility, Control and Automation to effectively manage an SOA—Visibility to monitor all elements of the SOA environment and events that affect it; Control to manage SOA service levels, and deliver performance, reliability, availability, and security; and Automation of support across the service lifecycle.

Businesses today are facing many challenges - rapid change due to globalization and the emergence of new technologies, rising costs, the explosion of data and transactions, the proliferation of smart devices, tougher compliance with added security, audit, and governance requirements; and fragmented IT systems that diminish overall productivity, operational efficiencies and service quality.

Why SOA? As a result of these challenges, businesses are turning to Service Oriented Architecture known as SOA, to create loosely-coupled services from existing assets and new sources. An SOA enables the delivery of business functions and data across line of business silos and provides the agility and flexibility businesses today so desperately needed.

To thrive in this environment, IT departments also need to quickly develop new services to respond to these competitive market challenges. Traditional IT environments with siloed applications and infrastructure lack the flexibility needed for fast time-to-market. The reuse of these services improves application developer productivity and helps get their business partner's to market faster.

With the tremendous value SOA provides also come new challenges in managing the production IT environment. The dynamic dependencies that exist between SOA services and the applications, data, and infrastructure underneath them add a unique twist to delivering on service level agreements and managing change.

The solution is a production environment able to effectively and efficiently manage all SOA components and deliver the necessary quality of service, even if the SOA implementation expands to a federated set of environments.

Why IBM Service Management? IBM Service Management provides the visibility, control and automation needed to effectively manage an SOA.

To achieve the value of SOA, you need an SOA production environment capable of meeting business critical needs. IBM’s leadership, technology and expertise can help you deliver the quality of service an agile, efficient infrastructure requires for business critical needs and to propel your continued business success.

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