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Tivoli FastBack Manager 
Tivoli FastBack Manager
Advanced Data Recovery for Mid-SizedCompanies

IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager FastBack storage management and recovery software quickly recovers Microsoft® Windows® server data.

Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback is next generation data recovery software that helps to reduce the amount of data at risk between backups, and reduces the amount of time it takes to recover from almost any problem to just a few minutes.

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Features Benefits
Block-level incremental capture

Very low impact on application servers—ideal for virtual machines Eliminates the need for backup windows Superior performance with both large numbers of small files and for very large files such as databases
Policy-based backup engine

Balances application recovery requirements with processing, network and storage resources Select continuous data protection (CDP) or periodic/scheduled snapshots Helps reduce costs while improving recovery service levels for mission-critical applications
Storage area network (SAN) backup SAN-based backup processes that do not impact local area network (LAN) bandwidth
FastBack Mount / Virtual Recovery

File system view into the backup repository allows click-drag-drop recovery of any file or folder Restores full access to any volume in seconds, while recovery occurs in the background Optional bare machine recovery component recovers from a full system failure, even to dissimilar hardware
Point-in-time recovery

Roll back to any previous point in time to recover from accidental deletions, virus attacks, rolling corruptions, etc. Maintain any number of previous generations
Point-in-time recovery

Roll back to any previous point in time to recover from accidental deletions, virus attacks, rolling corruptions, etc. Maintain any number of previous generations
Remote office support

Helps reduce costs of backup system management Helps improve backup and recovery service levels Helps improve reliability and minimize recovery failures
Integration with tape infrastructure

Leverages current investments Offloads the impact of tape backups from application servers
Central management

Centrally manage all backup and recovery operations Single Web-based interface Manages both local and remote offices
Full automation

“Set it and forget it” policy engine Self-managing repository always has a set number of data iterations on hand for easy rollback and fast recovery
Application aware

Integrated support for all Windows-based applications, including Exchange, SQL, Oracle and SAP Optional IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack for Microsoft Exchange component recovers granular Exchange data objects quickly

Business benefits

Our understanding of your goals

In today’s highly competitive, highly regulated, and always-on business environment, companies cannot tolerate the loss of data or the loss of access to critical applications for an extended period of time. There are a number of forces that can cause data loss, from an accidental or malicious deletion to virus attacks, disk and system failures, and local and regional disasters. Each of these situations requires a specific approach to protecting and recovering data and getting critical applications back online. But meeting these data protection and recovery needs can be a difficult challenge, especially in branch or remote offices that may have a shortage of IT personnel.

The most common data protection strategies companies rely on often require disruptive backup windows that can hinder productivity. These backups are often bandwidth intensive and may not provide the flexibility to establish policy-based protection on a per-application or per-office basis. More importantly, they may not be adequately supporting your recovery point objectives.

Our approach to meeting your goals

Our next-generation data protection and recovery management platform combines a number of leading-edge technologies to provide an extensive data protection and recovery solution for mission-critical applications running on Microsoft® Windows® servers, both in the data center and in remote or branch offices. This platform can help:

In the event of a data loss, this solution can help companies get users up and running quickly, providing near-instant access to applications and data while full data recovery is performed in the background. Bandwidth-friendly data transfer technologies help minimize the impact of both backup and recovery on the network.

Solution overview

IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager FastBack™ provides an integrated solution for flexible and cost-effective data protection and recovery. Its key features include:

Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack provides centralized, Web-based management of backup and recovery events and offers integration with tape-based applications, such as IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, for significantly faster backup and recovery processes. An optional Microsoft Exchange component can provide companies with advanced recovery of Exchange data objects, from individual e-mail messages to entire Exchange databases. An optional bare machine recovery component enables recovery from a full system failure, allowing companies to restore to dissimilar hardware or to virtual machines.

Why IBM?

Part of the IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager family of products, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack can offer new levels of resiliency, flexibility, and productivity through extensive data protection and recovery capabilities. This integrated platform can help balance the complex demands of the business with ongoing needs for data protection and disaster recovery.

IBM understands that in order for a backup and recovery strategy to be successful, backups have to be completed as often as needed, without human intervention, and in a way that does not disrupt day-to-day business activities. Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack can help streamline backup processes across the organization, improving business resiliency, increasing employee productivity, and reducing operational risks and costs.

Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack can be used in conjunction with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to enable an extensive data protection, archive, retention and recovery solution that can help provide exceptional levels of service management.

Page last updated on July 24, 2008.

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