Business Continuity & Resilience

Get the optimum data protection for your organisation

How IBM can help with your business continuity

IBM can help prepare your business operations to rapidly adapt and respond to internal or external dynamic changes: opportunities, demands, disruptions or threats - and continue operations with limited impact to the business.

Featured Case Study

Jessica Carrol - IT Director for the PGA talks about how IBM solutions help them ensure things run smooothly.

What we offer

Data Continuity

Makes sure critical data is effectively protected, backed up, easily accessible and unchangeable.

Tivoli Storage Manager (US)

Automate data backup and restore functions and centralise storage management operations.

Implementation services for storage products (US)

Helps you plan for, install, configure, test and document storage-related hardware or software.

Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files

Continuously back up crucial corporate data on file servers and transiently connected machines.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery shelters your business by helping you respond to and recover from virtually any disruptive events that may impact your workforce, processes, infrastructure, applications or data.

Disaster Recovery Services

Address common gaps in disaster planning, with the goal of responding more effectively to a disruptive event and minimising the costs and time assoclated with recovery

Infrastructure Recovery Services

Provides backup and recovery services for your IBM and multi-vendor IT, and your networks, to help you protect and recover critical data and technology.

IBM Capacity Backup for Power Systems (US)

The Power Systems Capacity BackUp (CBU) offerings recognise true disaster recovery solutions require at least two systems, so if one is not available the ofther "takes over".

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Business continuity self assessment tool

Determine your risk exposure

Tivoli Business Continuity Process Manager

Implement automatic disaster recovery via pre-tested automated processed so it can be handled by less skilled operators