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Empower business flexibility with SOA

Achieve new levels of business value

How do you build on early SOA success in order to achieve new levels of business value? You face challenges that are unique to your industry. You need to overcome the rigid, static nature of inflexible IT methods traditionally used to support business goals, and you need to do so in a way that lets you change rapidly and seamlessly as market forces shift.

To be successful, you need to look beyond the offerings of individual vendors and, instead, seek support from ecosystems of specialists and the best practices and expertise that these communities can provide. Rather than trying to execute broad processes using an individual application, you need to assemble flexible, modular, pre-built components to create a more dynamic kind of IT support. And you should demand that these modules come from providers with the kind of deep experience in your industry that's needed to address the unique challenges you face.

IBM® is introducing a technology platform to support creating and running these kinds of modular components. It's called the WebSphere® Business Services Fabric and it lets you build and run business services. It addresses modelling, assembling, deploying and managing these industry and domain-specific components. It does so in a way that supports a wide variety of industry and semantic standards such as ACORD, HIPAA, and HL7. The fabric is a technology platform that can be used by both IBM and its Business Partners and of course, customers, as a platform for supporting the unique way you do business.

The fabric brings together some of the key capabilities for using SOA for business projects including technology from IBM's Webify® acquisition & other industry assets, the process choreography and automation strengths of WebSphere Process Server (US), the visual service assembly strengths of WebSphere Integration Developer (US), and the metadata repository capabilities of the new WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (US). The fabric makes it easier to reuse your existing IT assets as you leverage new, SOA-enabled business services.

An ecosystem to provide business services

Maximise business agility with modular components designed as industry specific SOA assets. To complement IBM WebSphere Business Services Fabric, IBM is fostering an ecosystem to provide business services through our expansive family of more than 2500 IBM Business Partners. In support of this ecosystem, IBM continues to invest in the IBM SOA Business Catalogue (link resides outside of a marketplace of business services and assets from IBM and its Business Partners that can be used to implement solutions to today's toughest business challenges. The catalogue has over 3,000 assets, with more being added constantly.

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