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SOA Healthchecks

How is your SOA Health? Get Operationally Fit!

Whether you've just started with SOA, or have been using services for some time, there are always the nagging questions — Did we get it right? What about security? Reliability? Latency? Can we support the projected volumes? How quickly can we grow the user base? Are the right processes in place to effectively support the new environment? Is the business getting the value IT promised it would deliver? Are we getting on the train… or under it?

The fitness of your SOA infrastructure — the servers and middleware that are required to run your SOA services — is critical for maximising SOA success and delivering value to the business. If your SOA infrastructure is not properly architected and deployed, you will not meet the business goal of efficiently linking the parts of the organisation or value chain together. Costly remediation or “rescue missions” become a very real possibility.

IBM Infrastructure Healthcheck Services for SOA ensure that your SOA infrastructure is built right and can fully support your SOA applications — now and in the future. Infrastructure Healthcheck Services for SOA deliver a prescription for SOA operational fitness. The result — a Smart SOA implementation!

IBM offers the following Infrastructure Healthcheck Services for SOA:

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