Empower business flexibility with SOA

Empower business flexibility with SOA

Maximise the business value of Service Oriented Architecture

SOA Governance is designed to enable organisations to realise the full potential of SOA. It addresses issues that, if left unattended, may be inhibitors to gaining the flexibility and time-to-market benefits associated with SOA. These essential issues surrounding the lifecycle of a service are:

Effective governance is more than just technology. It calls for a lifecycle approach which integrates an organisation's people, processes, SOA Governance information and assets.

Model, Assemble, Deploy, Manage. Plan, Enable, Measure.

Based on our experience working with many early adopters of SOA, we have developed:

Why does SOA Governance matter?

IBM has found that to improve the successful implementation of SOA, there is a requirement to develop SOA Governance early in the process. SOA services require improved governance to maintain the level of control needed to support the new Business/IT joint environment. The values SOA Governance helps to provide are:

Realisation of the business benefits of SOA

Mitigation of business risk

Effectiveness of Business/IT teams

To learn more about SOA Governance read "A case for SOA Governance (US)" article on IBM developerWorks® website.

To understand the value of governance in software development read "Business Process of Software Developments (US)" article.

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