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When outages occur or strategic initiatives are held back, the effects reverberate across the value chain and the costs add up quickly.

Reduce costs and risks

In today's fast-paced, globally-competitive environment, there's simply no room for downtime or delays. You need comprehensive and proactive software support to enhance the availability, efficiency and flexibility of your technology environment. IBM Software Premium Support provides personalised, expert assistance to support your complex environment and high-availability requirements.

Whether your business operations span a national region or the entire world, IBM can help you optimise the return on investment from your IBM software.

Personalised, expert assistance

We take a collaborative approach to the ongoing support of your IBM software - anticipating and acting quickly to meet your needs. Each Premium Support Program client is assigned a Premium Support Manager (PSM) and one or more Premium Support Analysts (PSA).

Your PSM:

Your PSA:

The benefits of personal support extend to your relationship with our team of support professionals, who become familiar with both your technology infrastructure and your business imperatives.

Finally, Executive Sponsorship helps ensure you get the most from your Premium Support Program. A senior member of IBM's global support team conducts regular reviews with you and your team.

Proactive infrastructure management

IBM Software Services Premium Support does more than simply assist you with issue management. Because your Premium Support Manager and Premium Support Analyst become intimately familiar with your environment, they can help you reduce risks through proactive planning and best practices designed to anticipate and avoid problems. They can also help you understand what types of changes could improve the flexibility of your software systems.

Together, you can reduce or avoid costly outages, streamline management processes and proactively prepare for ongoing change. This leaves your in-house IT team to focus more of its efforts on enabling new business initiatives.

Flexible support service options

Your IBM Software Services Premium Support Program is designed to support your unique requirements and deliver maximum value across the software infrastructure lifecycle. You can choose the components you need, and change them over time as your business imperatives change.

Premium Support is available for IBM Information Management, IBM Lotus, IBM Rational, IBM Tivoli and IBM WebSphere software implementations.

To learn more about how Premium Support could help you optimise the availability and flexibility of your IBM software, contact your IBM sales or service specialist.

Quotes from customers

"Our Premium Support Manager is always available to take a call. It is amazing just how much he can remember."

"Our SSM delivers much more than just point solutions, they understand our whole environment and guide staff through issues from an incident perspective to design and integration."

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