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Leveraging the power of IBM Software

IBM Software Services is the team to engage for success in the design, integration, implementation, training and support of IBM Software solutions.

Our experience and ability to succeed for our clients is demonstrated in a wide range of completed projects - from creating a deployment strategy, to troubleshooting and optimising the performance of applications and systems.

Deploying WebSphere's SOA framework for application integration

IBM Software Services assisted a state government department move from an environment which was neither transparent nor homogonous to an Enterprise Service Bus architecture. Using IBM WebSphere Message Broker to standardise the integration platform, the department now has a scalable, evolvable and robust infrastructure to meet its future requirements.

We also provided expert technical resources for building adapters for the department's ERP system, point of sale systems and web services - bringing together key assets of the client's existing applications, and preparing it for the integration of new ones.

The new infrastructure has contributed to an increase in profitability by driving down maintenance, accelerating project delivery and reducing systems integration costs. Customer satisfaction has improved thanks to the high availability and reliability of the department's systems.

Optimising DB2 and Tivoli Storage Manager

A major Australian broadcaster has a custom-built media archival system which enables it to fully index and archive its productions to enable fast and easy search and retrieval of content. As content grew, users were experiencing performance degradation, impacting their ability to retrieve content to meet their daily broadcasting needs. The media organisation also risked missing project deadlines for the archiving of legacy productions.

IBM Software Services was called in review performance, tune system components and optimise database performance. Because of the criticality of the system, a carefully defined risk management strategy was developed and agreed with the client.

Thanks to project teamwork, the engagement was a success, with an outcome that exceeded the broadcaster's expectations of overall performance.

Customised curriculum enables Rational rollout

A government department had invested in IBM Rational, but was lacking the internal skill sets to utilise it properly. IBM Software Services training specialists met with the IT team to assess the training they would need to deliver a successful rollout - analysing skill gaps needing to be filled.

The result was a specially customised curriculum that closely met the needs of the individuals. IBM Software Services also provided follow-up mentoring, to ensure the new skills were ingrained and that the department was effectively using its new IBM Software.

The department's technical staff were equipped with the skills and confidence to achieve a rapid return on its software investment. The curriculum delivered a shorter skills development cycle, as it was tailored to their specific needs.

Lotus Premium Support: Reducing messaging costs

An Australian bank wanted help in managing its Lotus Notes messaging environment, with a view to reducing costs, and improving availability and performance. It also needed on-going assistance with upgrades, application development for improved internal processes and the introduction of Sametime instant messaging capabilities.

Under a Premium Support Program, IBM Software Services helped the bank minimise risk by providing support during critical situations and reducing response times, as well as helping avoid potential risks through proactive server maintenance and employee awareness.

With a more stable messaging environment, the bank's users now have the tools vital for conducting their daily business, resulting in decreased volumes of paper used and increased productivity.

Quotes from customers

"We are in the final stages of our IBM Software implementation. The project has been challenging, but I wanted to commend the commitment of IBM Software Services to see this project through to a quality result. Given the profile this program has within the organisation, it has meant a lot that the IBM Software Services team has been so focused to get it across the line."

"Premium Support has been really helpful to us. It has been a great experience. Each time we get a very fast answer… We know they are working for us."

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