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In a competitive and fast-changing business environment, you must leverage the full potential of your software investment.

Take your results to the next level

IBM Software Services maintains the strongest skills in the industry for the implementation of IBM software solutions. These are proven across an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects in our region and around the world in almost every industry.

Investment in new technology can be risky. We can help you mitigate that risk by providing access to some of the most extensive technical consulting skills available anywhere in the world. As part of the local and global IBM Software Labs, we have access to the organisation that builds the software, ensuring you have the right capabilities deployed on your projects.

Accelerate the business benefits

IBM Software Services can help you take the fast path – getting you up and running quickly to maximise the return on your investment. We are the first to use new technology and deploy it in the field, which means we can move rapidly and have the experience to add optimal value to your software implementation.

As part of the IBM Software family, we have direct access to the people who actually design, build and test IBM software and are privy to the latest business and technology innovations – enabling us to deliver the best solutions for your organisation in the shortest timeframe. With your business blueprint in hand, you can rely on our consultants to integrate your new solution as quickly as possible.

Global talent pool

In addition to our extensive and highly-acclaimed local team, IBM Software Services also has access to the IBM Software global pool of technical talent. This enables us to deploy the most appropriate resources, when and where you need them, to ensure the success of your software deployment projects.

In using IBM Software's cutting edge technology to deliver measurable business benefits, our consultants work with IBM's worldwide software Labs and research facilities to make your software solution work in your local and organisational environment.

Flexible delivery across the software lifecycle

IBM Software Services assists you to solve today's problems and helps you prepare to address the challenges of the future.

Our comprehensive range of consulting services can be tailored to meet your specific needs across the lifecycle of your IBM software. Services include:

Delivering real business value
Our experienced consultants can:

For more information on IBM Software Services and consulting services we offer, talk to your IBM account team.

Quotes from customers

"Information and instructions provided by our IBM Software Services consultant led to improvements in areas where we had performance issues. He was very helpful, was able to guide us to obtain real benefits and was available at short notice."

"Our IBM Software Services consultant has been invaluable in all dealings and is a very highly valued extension of our team."

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